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Welcome to the Telemeta project

Telemeta is an audio software which creates audio transcoded databases from fresh mastered files. It can be useful to backup digitalized audio files from vinyls, old tapes or other old analogous media and propose them online through a dedicated website.

The Telemeta system is based on the concept of collection. A collection is where original sounds - or albums containing sounds - will be backuped in a secure way. All audio files can be transcoded into WAV, FLAC, MP3 and OGG including all the metadata attached to each content.

Here are the main functions of Telemeta:

  • Backup, transcoding, tagging and marking of any audio content
  • XML generation for metadata tags of all backuped WAV
  • Data corruption security with par2 recovery files (archiving)
  • Collection synchronizing to remote servers (ssh+rsync)
  • Metadata editing by XML or interactive shell
  • Audio marking from a given file or from tags thanks to the Festival speech systhesis tool

Technical documents


  • TracGuide: How to use the Trac environment (where you currently are)
  • TelemetaLicense: Details of the Telemeta's license (4.4BSD)