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    11= Welcome to the Telemeta project = 
    3 '''Telemeta''' is an audio software which creates '''audio transcoded databases''' 
    4 from fresh mastered files. It can be useful to backup digitalized audio  
    5 files from vinyls, old tapes or other old analogous media and propose them online 
    6 through a dedicated website. 
     3The aim of this collaborative project is to develop the '''Telemeta''' software.  
    8 The Telemeta system is based on the concept of '''collection'''. A collection 
    9 is where original sounds - or albums containing sounds - will be backuped in a secure way. 
    10 All audio files can be transcoded into '''WAV, FLAC, MP3 and OGG''' including all the metadata 
    11 attached to each content. 
     5Telemeta is a global audio archiving program which introduces useful and secure indexing methods to backup digitalized audio files and metadata dictionnaries. It is dedicated to backup any digitized and documented sound from collections of vinyls, magnetic tapes or audio CD over a strong database in accordance with many standards. Export functions also encapsulate edited metadata into compressed file. The object style architecture will soon provide user-friendly interfaces and plugin' style audio processing. 
    13 Here are the main functions of Telemeta: 
     7Here are the main features of Telemeta: 
    15  * Backup, transcoding, tagging and marking of any audio content 
    16  * XML generation for metadata tags of all backuped WAV 
    17  * Data corruption security with par2 recovery files (archiving) 
    18  * Collection synchronizing to remote servers (ssh+rsync) 
    19  * Metadata editing by XML or interactive shell 
    20  * Audio marking from a given file or from tags thanks to the Festival speech systhesis tool 
     9 * Secure media editing and archiving over networks. 
     10 * Easy transcoding  
     11 * Full tagging and marking methods  
     12 * XML metadata backup 
     13 * Web interface introducing WorkFlow (still in dev from march 2007) 
     14 * SQL backend (still in dev from march 2007).  
     15 * Data anti-corruption security with par2 recovery keys 
     16 * Data synchronizing over remote servers (rsync) 
     17 * Auto AudioMarking from metadata (thanks to Festival and Ecasound) 
    22 == Technical documents == 
     19The Telemeta concept is based on '''collections'''. A collection includes original sounds - or albums containing sounds - which will be backuped in a secure way with a view of transcoded 'public' formats ('''WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG''' and many more soon...) including metadata editing and publishing tools. 
     22== DOWNLOAD == 
     24On Debian or Ubuntu systems, just add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources-list: 
     27deb binary/ 
     28deb-src source/ 
     34sudo apt-get update 
     35sudo apt-get install telemeta 
     38On other linux platforms, get the lastest tar.gz version on : 
     42and uncompress the archive. 
     43Telemeta is written in python. So it doesn't require any compilation step. 
     46You can also get the lastest development version to try the lastest useful features (require Subversion): 
     49svn co telemeta 
     52Then go into the created directory and just type this with your favorite shell : 
     58See [ README] and 
     59[ INSTALL] file for more 
     62== NEWS == 
     64 * April 17th 2007: 
     66   Telemeta is in high development now. The devel architecture has been modified to define main class objects of the program. Olivier has started the development of the user interface and SQL links. Guillaume has created the first Export objects, methods and tests. 
     67   Please consider the development version in a _transitional state_. Some methods might not be functionnal...  
     68   Feel free to post tickets if you encounter problems... 
     70== DEPENDS == 
     72python (>= 2.3.5-7), python-xml, python-central (>= 0.5), python-mutagen, sox, 
     73vorbis-tools, flac, lame, normalize-audio, ecasound, festival, par2 
     75== DOCUMENTATION == 
     77 * ManualFile 
    2478 * DataFormats: Data formats in Telemeta, according to usage contexts and application architecture 
    2579 * EthnomusDatabase: Description of the original Database of the CNRS Ethnomusicology Laboratory 
    2882 * FormatsAudio: Definitions of Telemeta's audio formats 
    2983 * ComponentsAndTools: Needed dependencies and interesting tools for future development 
    30  * ManualFile 
    3184 * GlobalArchitecture: Global view of Telemeta's architecture 
    33 == Others == 
     86== OTHERS == 
    3588 * TracGuide: How to use the Trac environment (where you currently are) 
     90== LICENSE == 
    3692 * TelemetaLicense: Details of the Telemeta's license (4.4BSD)