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    37 == Support/Collection fields == 
     37== Collection fields == 
    39 These are fields for the collection table (old name: Support). 
     39These are fields for the collection table (old table name: Support). 
    41 ||'''old table name'''||'''new table name'''||'''Type'''||'''Dublin Core mapping'''||'''comment'''|| 
     41||'''old field name'''||'''new field name'''||'''Type'''||'''Dublin Core mapping'''||'''comment'''|| 
    4242||Réf||publication_reference||String||||This field contains the reference assigned by a publishing company, ''when the collection has been published''. If it hasn't been published, it contains a reference assigned by the LEM, which somewhat duplicates the information contained in the field "Cote". In this later case, it has the form BM.XXX.XXX, where X are digits (note: some published references also start by "BM", but have a different form)|| 
    4343||Format||original_format||Enumeration||||Format of the original physical support, historical data. Can't be standardized, mixes a lot of physical details (disk diameter, whatever...).|| 
    4848||Réédition||publishing_status||Enumeration||||Wether the collection was fully/partially published, reedited, or not|| 
    4949||Original||is_original ||Boolean||||Whether this is an genuine/original collection, as opposed to copied ones|| 
     50||Copie_TotPartie||is_full_copy||Boolean||||If this is not an original collection (See the "Original field"), then whether the collection was partially or fully copied. Note: this field is used for only 2 records on more than 4000|| 
     51||Auteur_compil||creator||String||creator||The person who created this collection, by choosing which items to group together|| 
     52||Auteur_notice||booklet_writer||String||contributor||The person who wrote the disk booklet (only for disk booklets?). Empty if the collection is not published.|| 
     53||Notice||booklet_description||Text||||Description of the technical documentation (= disk booklet?): its number of pages, languages, etc...|| 
     54||Collecteur||collector||String||contributor||The person who actually recorded the audio items. If the same as the creator (often), contains "="|| 
     55||Editeur||publisher||Enumeration||publisher||This is the external publishing company. If not published, might contain mixed data: "Original*", "Copie*", etc... This extra data is redundant with the is_original and is_full_copy fields, and should/might be removed.|| 
     56||Année parution||date_published||Integer||date||This field contains -1 if the year is unknown, and -2 if the collection hasn't been published. We might map it to a proper SQL DATE field.|| 
     57||Collect_série||publisher_collection||Enumeration||||The name of the publisher-specific "collection"|| 
     58||Num_dans_collec||publisher_serial_id||Integer||||Publisher-specific serial id within its "collection"|| 
     60||mode_acquisition||acquisition_mode||Enumeration||||The way the collection got acquired by the LEM: gift, buying, etc...|| 
     61||commentaires||comment||Text||||Many things in there...|| 
     62||Redacteur_fiche||record_author||String||||The person who authored this collection metadata|| 
     63||Saisie_fiche||record_writer||String||||The person who actually wrote this collection metadata. In telemeta this filled might be automatically filled with currently logged in user.||