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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#12 Tags/Thematic thesaurus new yomguy enhancement 2.0 major
#79 Enhanced workflow new yomguy enhancement 1.5 major
#82 FULL HTML5 compatible audio player new yomguy enhancement 1.5 major
#90 Décalague lecteur audio new yomguy defect 1.5 major
#92 Add video capabilities to MediaItems new yomguy enhancement 1.6 major
#93 Global search engine new yomguy enhancement 2.0 major
#94 Add breadcrumbs new yomguy enhancement 1.4.7 major
#96 Analyzer toogle new enhancement 1.5 major
#97 Add a licence field for items with a default value new enhancement 1.6 major
#100 Sound property for corpus and fonds new enhancement 1.5 major
#101 Rewrite all views based on generic view classes new task 1.6 major
#102 Add markers to quick search queries new enhancement 1.5 major
#126 Change playlist order new enhancement 1.5 major
#137 import markers new enhancement 1.4.8 major
#148 Telemeta LAM new defect 1.5 major
#157 sur demo.telemeta : pb geonavigateur new defect 1.5 major
#161 Deconnexion new defect 1.5 major
#165 champs URL dans fiche item ? new defect 1.5 major
#166 Pb export CSV des listes (urgent) new defect 1.5 major
#167 Liste de lecture / éditer /pb affichage et modification new defect 1.4.7 major
#168 Pbl navigation pages de résultats en liste new defect 1.5 major
#172 Cleanup revisions when a resource is deleted new defect 1.5 major
#173 Affichage non conforme à la saisie : niveau collection, champ "statut d'accès" new defect 1.5 major
#174 Saisie en zones de texte non homogène selon niveau de description new defect 1.5 major
#175 Edition d'une fiche non enregistrée si ouverture formulaire secondaire "Editer compo" new defect 1.5 major
#176 pb d'affichage dans fiche item new defect 1.5 major
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