Import ISO 639-3 languages

From Telemeta 1.4, an ISO 639-3 language model has been implemented.

The ISO language table content can be initialized with the official code set. Here is a import example where telemeta_crem5 is the SQL database:

mysql -u root -p
load data infile '' into table telemeta_crem5.languages CHARACTER SET UTF8 ignore 1 lines (identifier, part2B, part2T, part1, scope, type, name, comment);

If you upgraded Telemeta from a version previous or equal to 1.3, please update the media_items table as follow:

mysql -u root -p
use telemeta_crem5
ALTER TABLE media_items ADD COLUMN 'language_iso_id' integer;
ALTER TABLE 'media_items' ADD CONSTRAINT 'language_iso_id_refs_id_80b221' FOREIGN KEY ('language_iso_id') REFERENCES 'languages' ('id');
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Telemeta at the 4th international workshop of Folk Music Analysis 2014

Thomas Fillon will be at the 4th international workshop of Folk Music Analysis in Istanbul, Turkey, from june the 12th to 13th 2014, Turkey for the Telemeta project.

Title of the poster: "An open web audio platform for ethnomusicological sound archives management and automatic analysis"



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Telemeta 1.4.5 has been released!

After a long debugging and producing period, Telemeta reaches a nice stable version.


  • Collection and Item regex in settings allowed
  • Change resource list filtering rules
  • Add KdenLive session parsers and auto faders to auto tag audio or video timeline
  • Add ffmpeg based transcoding tools
  • Add enumerations replacing methods
  • Add chat rooms for enumerations
  • Cleanup some useless model properties
  • Many, many and many bugfixes
  • Last version compatible with ​TimeSide 0.4.x
  • Please check the new dependencies in
  • As always after upgrading: ./ migrate telemeta
  • Download: ​


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The DIADEMS project has started!

Telemeta is in the center of a new DIADEMS project sponsored by the french research agency ANR. It has started on january 2013 and will be effective during 3 years.

DIADEMS stands for: Description, Indexation, Accès aux Documents Ethnomusicologiques et Sonores (Description, Indexation, Access to Sound and Ethnomusicological Documents)

The academic laboratories envolved:

  • IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse)
  • MNHN
  • The corporate development partner:
  • Parisson

The persons envolved (non exhausive list):

  • Julien Pinquier
  • Jérôme Farinas
  • Maxime Le Coz
  • Aurore MONOD
  • Boris Doval
  • Claude Barras
  • Emeline LECHAUX
  • Guillaume Pellerin
  • Hugues Genevois
  • Hélène Lachambre
  • Jean Lambert
  • Jean-Luc Rouas
  • Joséphine Simonnot
  • Leonidas Ioannidis
  • Marie CHOSSON
  • Marie-France Mifune
  • Martine Adda
  • Marwa Thlithi
  • Matthias Robine
  • Pascal Le Saec
  • Patrice Guyot
  • Pierre Hanna ...
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Telemeta 1.4.4 is out !


  • no new fancy functions
  • full using of static files which are now in static/ (htdocs/ is now deprecated)
  • IMPORTANT : upgrade TimeSide to 0.4.1, add 'timeside' to INSTALLED_APPS and do: ./ collectstatic
  • add various buttons, various bugfixes
  • after upgrading, always do: ./ migrate


sudo pip install --upgrade telemeta

Please first read README.rst and INSTALL.rst to get all informations about the news. Apply new rules, dependencies, modules and settings from your old version to the new one.

or download (MD5: 47b8d7a6fa8340388ff72be58aaff59c)

Enjoy ;)

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Telemeta 1.4.3 has been released !


  • add solr-thumbnail for automatic thumbnail handling of all related media images (please install)
  • add static media handling for solr and all various telemeta public files
  • fix some wrong user properties
  • SECURITY: you need to move your TELEMETA_EXPORT_CACHE_DIR from TELEMETA_CACHE_DIR cache (see example/sandbox_sqlite/
  • EXPERIMENTAL: WebM and MP4 video handling for items, NO transcode but decode, add a nice video.js player
  • RECOMMEND: install django-extensions
  • add user revisions to user profile
  • move all edit buttons to main edit pages
  • new Format object and various enumerations
  • add last revision to item detail
  • various bugfixes
  • Fix a bug for related media title parsing


sudo pip install --upgrade telemeta

or download (MD5: ceec77f9b5e637cf1e2cb9b9fad21183)

As usual, please first read README.rst and INSTALL.rst to get all informations ...

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Telemeta 1.4 is out!


  • add a Desk providing links to home and personal data
  • add Fonds, Corpus and their related media to the models and to the search engine
  • add some fancy drop down menus for main tabs
  • add video media handling (WebM formats only and with the last TimeSide master branch)
  • add playlist metadata editor
  • fix some sad bugs for YouTube related URLs and previews
  • cleanup admin page
  • add auto saving now for all searches !
  • add "My Searches" modules to user lists with search direct link
  • add RSS feeds for last changes of all users
  • better icon views
  • many bugfixes !

For developers and maintainers:

  • a new setting parameter: TELEMETA_DOWNLOAD_FORMATS = ('wav', 'mp3', 'webm') or whatever

  • before upgrading, you need to BACKUP and manually delete old wrong MediaCorpus? and MediaCorpusRelated? tables ...

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Telemeta 1.3 has been released !


  • add related media objects to collections and items (mime type detection, image preview, URL only capable, YouTube? URL detection and preview)
  • add "Sound" filters to collection lists and search results
  • add a scrollbar to marker lists
  • add dependencies to
  • various bugfixes
  • developers now use Git


sudo pip install --upgrade telemeta

or download (MD5: 1ff126714ca9f38201b77efa06040671)

You can upgrade from 1.2 safely. Tell me if anything goes wrong.

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