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Telemeta 1.4.6 is out!


  • Drastically improve collection zip packaqe streaming thanks to zipstream (check NEW dependencies)
  • Compatible with TimeSide >= 0.5.2
  • Add URL field to item so that a external sound can be indexed and streamed
  • Add TIMESIDE_AUTO_ZOOM in settings to auto toggle the player in zooming mode
  • Add TIMESIDE_DEFAULT_GRAPHER_ID in settings to select the default grapher in the player
  • Add minor migrations
  • Fix marker display bug

This is a transitional, minor release because 1.5 will be released soon.

Download: ​

Telemeta at QMUL for the third Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research

We presented TimeSide, the open web audio processing framework.

Location: Queen Mary University of London (ArtsOne Lecture Theatre) Date: Tuesday 8th July 2014

Here are the slides:

Telemeta at the 1st Symposium: "Ecology and acoustics"

Meet Guillaume Pellerin and Thomas Fillon at the first Symposium on “Ecology and acoustics: emergent properties from community to landscape” from june the 16th to 18th 2014 at MNHN, Paris, France

We will present Telemeta, an open and collaborative web audio platform for digital sound archives management.

Because ecology needs sounds!

The slides :

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Telemeta at the 4th international workshop of Folk Music Analysis 2014

Thomas Fillon will be at the 4th international workshop of Folk Music Analysis in Istanbul, Turkey, from june the 12th to 13th 2014, Turkey for the Telemeta project.

Title of the poster: "An open web audio platform for ethnomusicological sound archives management and automatic analysis"

Telemeta 1.4.5 has been released!

After a long debugging and producing period, Telemeta reaches a nice stable version. Here are the news:

  • Collection and Item regex in settings allowed
  • Change resource list filtering rules
  • Add KdenLive session parsers and auto faders to auto tag audio or video timeline
  • Add ffmpeg based transcoding tools
  • Add enumerations replacing methods
  • Add chat rooms for enumerations
  • Cleanup some useless model properties
  • Many, many and many bugfixes
  • Last version compatible with TimeSide 0.4.x
  • Please check the new dependencies in
  • As always after upgrading: ./ migrate telemeta


The DIADEMS project has started!

Telemeta is in the center of a new project DIADEMS sponsored by the french research agency ANR. It has started on january 2013 and will be effective during 3 years.

DIADEMS stands for: Description, Indexation, Accès aux Documents Ethnomusicologiques et Sonores (Description, Indexation, Access to Sound and Ethnomusicological Documents)

The academic laboratories envolved:

  • IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse)
  • MNHN

The corporate development partner:

  • Parisson

The official website:

The persons envolved:

  • Julien Pinquier
  • Jérôme Farinas
  • Maxime Le Coz
  • Aurore MONOD
  • Boris Doval
  • Claude Barras
  • Emeline LECHAUX
  • Guillaume Pellerin
  • Hugues Genevois
  • Hélène Lachambre
  • Jean Lambert
  • Jean-Luc Rouas
  • Joséphine Simonnot
  • Leonidas Ioannidis
  • Marie CHOSSON
  • Marie-France Mifune
  • Martine Adda
  • Marwa Thlithi
  • Matthias Robine
  • Pascal Le Saec
  • Patrice Guyot
  • Pierre Hanna
  • Régine André-Obrecht
  • Susanne Fürniss
  • Sylvie LE BOMIN
  • Valentina Vapnarsky

Telemeta 1.4.4 is out !

Download: ​

MD5: 47b8d7a6fa8340388ff72be58aaff59c

News from 1.4.3:

  • no new fancy functions
  • full using of static files which are now in static/ (htdocs/ is now deprecated)
  • IMPORTANT : upgrade TimeSide to 0.4.1, add 'timeside' to INSTALLED_APPS and do: ./ collectstatic
  • add various buttons, various bugfixes
  • after upgrading, always do: ./ migrate

HOWTO upgrade?

Upgrade your package like this:

 sudo pip install --upgrade telemeta

Please first read README.rst and INSTALL.rst to get all informations about the news. Apply new rules, dependencies, modules and settings from your old version to the new one.

Enjoy ;)

Telemeta 1.4.3 has been released !


MD5: ceec77f9b5e637cf1e2cb9b9fad21183

News, from 1.4:

  • add solr-thumbnail for automatic thumbnail handling of all related media images (please install)
  • add static media handling for solr and all various telemeta public files
  • fix some wrong user properties
  • SECURITY: you need to move your TELEMETA_EXPORT_CACHE_DIR from TELEMETA_CACHE_DIR cache (see example/sandbox_sqlite/
  • EXPERIMENTAL: WebM and MP4 video handling for items, NO transcode but decode, add a nice video.js player
  • RECOMMEND: install django-extensions
  • add user revisions to user profile
  • move all edit buttons to main edit pages
  • new Format object and various enumerations
  • add last revision to item detail
  • various bugfixes
  • Fix a bug for related media title parsing

HOWTO upgrade?

Upgrade your package like this::

sudo pip install --upgrade telemeta

Please first read README.rst and INSTALL.rst to get all informations about the news. Apply new rules, dependencies, modules and settings from your old version to the new one.

For example, you now need sorl-thumbnail to get image thumbnails::

sudo pip install sorl-thumbnail

and add 'sorl.thumbnail' to your INSTALLED_APPS list in

When all new settings seem OK, use South for a clean data migration from previous model versions::

./ syncdb
./ migrate telemeta

email me or tweet to @telemeta if any problem!

Full changelog : see CHANGELOG


Telemeta 1.4 is out!


MD5: ec51039d0b749f8322309c64e9415090

News, from 1.3 to 1.4:

For users:

  • add a Desk providing links to home and personal data
  • add Fonds, Corpus and their related media to the models and to the search engine
  • add some fancy drop down menus for main tabs
  • add video media handling (WebM formats only and with the last TimeSide master branch)
  • add playlist metadata editor
  • fix some sad bugs for YouTube related URLs and previews
  • cleanup admin page
  • add auto saving now for all searches !
  • add "My Searches" modules to user lists with search direct link
  • add RSS feeds for last changes of all users
  • better icon views
  • many bugfixes !

For developers and maintainers:

  • a new setting parameter: TELEMETA_DOWNLOAD_FORMATS = ('wav', 'mp3', 'webm') or whatever
  • before upgrading, you need to BACKUP and manually delete old wrong MediaCorpus? and MediaCorpusRelated? tables
  • we now use South for data model migration. Add 'south' to your apps and to do::

./ syncdb
./ migrate telemeta

See INSTALL.rst and email me if any pb! (you may, for example, not use 0002 migration)

Full changelog : see CHANGELOG


Telemeta 1.3 has been released !


MD5sum: 1ff126714ca9f38201b77efa06040671


  • add related media objects to collections and items (mime type detection, image preview, URL only capable, YouTube? URL detection and preview)
  • add "Sound" filters to collection lists and search results
  • add a scrollbar to marker lists
  • add dependencies to
  • various bugfixes
  • developers now use Git

You can upgrade from 1.2 safely. Tell me if anything goes wrong.


Telemeta 1.2 is out !

We are pleased to release Telemeta 1.2 :)


MD5sum: 43cd98b492d39772a73164986ac0eefd


  • fix OAI repository names, coverages and headers in according with TGE Adonis specs
  • replace home (index) playlist by 3 random nice embedded players (public items only)
  • add "Sound" filter to the item list for easier access to sound items
  • fix various bugs
  • fix the whole setup

You can upgrade from 1.0 safely.

Telemeta project now uses Git for development

Ten months ago, I started to look at other version control systems because I was fed up with the Subversion centralized model. It tested Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, etc.. Bazaar was the good choice because it allowed the dev teams to make branches easily in a decentralized environment, to push commits to the old subversion repository, to keep an easy syntax, etc...

Now there are few reasons to switch back to Git:

  • we want to checkout and test branches faster without managing dozens of repositories,
  • we do not want to upload 500 ko of data for a 1 line commit,
  • we want to push the generic Telemeta to GitHub.

Sorry Bzr folks, I like your stuff, but Git is more appropriate now for this project.

Developers, please update your skills :)

What you need to do with the new repository:

  • Get the lastest development version to try the lastest useful features :
    git clone
  • To get the CREM's branch:
    git clone
    git checkout crem

NB : This is the good method to convert a Bzr repo.

Communiqué de presse du CREM pour le projet Telemeta

Voici le communiqué de presse du CREM mis à jour pour le projet :


Twitter account for Telemeta

You can now follow the Telemeta project on twitter :

New example of an embedded Telemeta / TimeSide player

Since the release of Telemeta 1.0, it is possible to embed a TimeSide UI dynamical player in any HTML page.

View and listen to some good examples on this page.

Telemeta 1.0 is out !

After weeks of hard work, we are so pleased to release Telemeta 1.0 "Bell" which includes some significant improvements since 0.9.4 in overall performance, access right management and audio player functions.

New functions

  • Embedable resizable audio player with an iframe HTML object
  • Text popup windows following time markers during playing
  • 2 new user permissions to allow full download and audio play
  • Delete buttons on each collection and item page
  • Audio analyses are now recorded in the database
  • Transcoding of the whole files is now checked
  • New "Users" tab


  • Better and faster TimeSide player loading
  • Sorting of all enumerations and lists
  • Full english > french translation
  • Reorganize django views (faster page loading)
  • More revisions and details in the main RSS feed


  • Fix some field titles for the CREM
  • Fix public access rights
  • Many CSS fixes
  • Fix multiple playings when hiting play more than one time




We want to thank all the participants to this 5 year project from 2006 to now. Telemeta 1.0 is the result of a very hard and passionate work of many people. We hope this project will help communities to get their audio archives out of their desks and then allow many international research collaborations and better music harvesting.

The future

The Telemeta project of course continues. It will be optimized and improved to reach a generic version soon. If you want special developments or support / sponsor this project, please contact us through the mailing list or this email address : support@…

Enjoy the "Bell"

Telemeta 0.9.4 has been released !

It is one of the biggest release since 0.5.1 because it includes tons of bugfixes, a new theme and MANY new features which were targeted for 1.0.

  • New visual theme
  • Playing all kinds of audio files thanks to TimeSide (even video files !)
  • Editing items, collections and all lists
  • Managing temporal markers to get time description of the archives
  • Userspace playlist management
  • Admin User management and profiling
  • Password retrieval and management
  • CSV export of user playlists
  • RSS feeds for last changes
  • Full french and english localization (interface, forms)
  • Optimization of audio analysis
  • MANY bugfixes


More infos on /home !

Get it HERE !

Developers : the trunk branch is now relatively stable. You are welcome to participate to this unique open source audio web project !

Automatic popups for Telemeta markers

Riccardo, our JavaScript developer, is now preparing automatic popups for viewing audio item markers ;)

Mailing list

In order to follow the Telemeta project development and the discussions of the community, you are welcome to join the mailing list by subscribing on this page :

Toutes les langues bienvenues

Bien sûr, nous pouvons parler ici toutes sortes de langues et de dialectes !

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Let's start Telemeta's blog !

To avoid News agregation on the home of this site, I've install a Blog plugin to manage the news and comments.

If you are of the Telemeta community and logged, you are welcome to edit the wiki and to post any infos on this blog.

Telemeta development repository now uses Bazaar

Bazaar is now our version control system. Please see below how to checkout our development version.

Sorry, some merges between svn, git and bzr have broken the continuity of the repository since r538. But all old revision logs and changes have been kept so that you can retrieve all the history of the app development.

From Subversion to Bazaar

Bother with SVN branching, have tried GIT, but now switching to BZR.

Bazaar allowed me to merge svn and our young git repo. It is a great versioning tool written in python.

Telemeta 0.5.1 has been released !

Get it here.

It is the last version before the inclusion of our new full TimeSide API and tools.

Many changes (154 commits !) in models, add a GEO Navigator, MANY bugfixes. See Changelog.

Trunk now *very unstable*

In the perspective of Telemeta 1.0, most parts of the code are currently being refactored.

In this context, you should expect the SVN trunk to be very unstable.
You may not be able to use it at all until we're done actually...

So please be patient. We will warn you here once things get better, and that we get closer to the beta stage.

Going to 1.0 !

We're very happy to announce that the CREM has ordered us to develop Telemeta 1.0 which will be released on january 2010.

You can follow the desired features and their development on the ticket list.

Telemeta 0.4.1 has been released !

It includes many bug fixes concerning metadata encoding and now drives an [ or_Metadata_Harvesting OAI-PMH] Data Provider allowing Telemeta's DublinCore metadata to be externally harvested.

Telemeta 0.4 has been released !

It includes some fundamental [ changes] as a completely new and dynamical player thanks to Timeside and Soundmanager2, new analysis plugins and templating methods. Enjoy ! ;) is now the official telemeta's website.

Telemeta 0.3.3 has been released !

Telemeta is now compatible with Django 1.0 thanks to Olivier Guilyardi !

Get it here

Telemeta's license has changed from BSD to CeCILL

Telemeta 0.3.2 has been released !

Get it here

Telemeta 0.3.1-1beta has been released !

Get it here

Working on 0.3.1

Telemeta is under development thanks to the CREM.

Here is a view of the almost finished version 0.3.1. Stay tuned for the release !

Telemeta 0.3.0 is out !

Download it here.

View the revisionlog since the old version 0.2.8.

From Scratch to Web based Django system

Telemeta is in high development now. The devel architecture has been modified to define main class objects of the program. Olivier has started the development of the user interface and SQL links. Guillaume has created the first Export objects, methods and tests. Please consider the development version in a _transitional state_. Some methods might be not functionnal... Feel free to post tickets if you encounter problems...